Alexander Zhukovsky


Alexander Zhukovsky is a designer and manufacturer who specializes in industrial and item design. He was born in a small Ukranian town of Polonnoe. He has moved to Hanti-Mansiysk to study applied arts and woodcraft after he had graduated from school in a northern Russian city of Kogalim. Upon his graduation from the Hanti-Mansiysk College of Arts and Culture Alexander had moved to Ekatirinburg where he has obtained a Master’s Degree in industrial design from Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts. Alexander is a recipient of numerous Russian and international design awards.

A new furniture brand "ARTU" is the result of joint work of designer Alexander Zhukovsky and Polish manufacturing company "D&K". The first steps in the creation of new products have been made in 2015.As a result of it two absolutely new models of bar stools BRENT and ARTU are created. In a consequence the name "ARTU" became the main and all new products of the company will be made under this brand in the future.The presentation of the chairs was held at "salonesatellite 2015".